Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adding Machine Tags Made Easy

Gnizr supports Machine Tag. When you edit the description of a saved bookmark, you can use "gn:geoname=[place_name]" to add geo-location property, use "gn:for=[user]" to suggest the bookmark to another user, use "gn:folder=" to save the bookmark into a specific folder, and use "gn:subscribe=this" to import RSS feed items as new bookmarks.

Sometimes entering those Machine Tag strings can be a bit of pain, especially, when you have to enter the preceding Machine Tag string, e.g., "gn:geonames=" multiple times. While you can use the shorthand syntax -- [predicate]:[value] for predicates that don't have conflicting namespace values, but it still requires some keyboard exercises.

In gnizr 2.3, we are introducing a new feature for adding well-known Machine Tags. In the "Edit Bookmark" page, above the "Tags" input area on the right, you see a row of icons. Click on one of these icons will invoke a Machine Tag Helper tool.

An Example: add location property

To add location property (i.e., add "gn:geonames="), you click on the "globe" icon (see above). You then enter a place name in the pop-up dialog box.

Click on "Okay". The desired Machine Tag is automatically added to the tag description.

What's that '_' (underscore) I saw?

Tags in gnizr are separated by white-spaces. In order to represent a whitespace in a tag, '_' (underscore) is used.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gnizr 2.2.0 Status

We just migrated our open source gnizr development to Google Code. It will take couple more weeks before we complete the whole process. During the following weeks, we will be busy working on the following (and more):
  • Roll out gnizr 2.2.0 beta for download
  • Setup a Maven repository to serve uncommon dependency libraries (maybe)
  • Test the steps described in HowToInstall and HowToBuild wiki pages
  • Complete the GetStarted wiki page for a 10-minutes overview of gnizr functions
I drafted HowToBuild tonight. The described instructions haven't been fully tested (i.e., don't waste your time trying it).