Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gnizr 2.4.0 RC1 Release

Gnizr 2.4.0 RC1 is now available for download.

Note: This release is intended for evaluation and testing, and it's not suitable for any serious deployment.

Improved Install Script

Modified gnizr DB schema install script. Users will be warned and asked for a confirmation if they attempt to install gnizr DB schema into an existing gnizr database. See Issue 67.

Fixed RSS feed URL

Provides feed URL for subscribing to user saved bookmarks.
  • Recent 10 bookmarks saved in a given folder
  • Recent 10 bookmarks saved in the bookmark archive.
Both feeds can be filtered by a tag -- e.g., recent 10 bookmarks tagged 'java'.

Find an RSS button in the bottom of every bookmark pages.

Custom Header and Footer Template Files

Some users asked if they can customize the footer and header section on gnizr pages. We have created two separate FreeMarker templates for this purpose. The contents of the footer and header section are generated by FreeMarker macros. In the past, they were defined in the file "macro-lib.ftl" in gnizr/lib/web.

Starting this release, in the gnizr/lib/web directory, these macros are defined in footer-macro.ftl and header-macro.ftl. Change the content of these files to customize the footer and header section.

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